WellBoring: Website redesign and content overhaul

My role: Web designer and content writer
Time frame: Jan-March2021
Deliverables: Total website redesign and rewrite

WellBoring installs wells in primary schools in Kenya. Their partnership with Colgate Palmolive drives traffic to their website, which was outdated, unresponsive, and cluttered.I fixed this, designing a clean, organised, and picture-rich modern website.


I started the redesign by going through the site with potential users, discovering what they wanted to find and how they got there.

These were the key insights:

  • visitors were overwhelmed by the options in the nav bar
  • the home page did not give enough basic information
  • the site looked out of date, cluttered, and was unresponsive


Now I had a better idea of what visitors wanted when they came to the site, I could start the redesign.

  • I trimmed all the fat from the content, keeping only what served a clear purpose. I rewrote everything so it was clear, concise, and conveyed the right message
  • I reorganised information architecture, simplifying any user journey through the site, removing half the nav bar options
  • With inspiration from ‘competitor’ websites, I gave the whole site a colourful and picture-rich, modern aesthetic

Old homepage

New homepage

Old secondary navigation

New secondary navigation


Following the redesign and content overhaul, site visits and donations increased. A valuable partnership with Colgate Palmolive was also initiated, bringing huge traffic to the website from potential donors and partners.

The charity had installed 150 wells over its first 10 years, and following the redesign its new target was 250 in the following two years.

WellBoring was also shortlisted in the Small Charity, Big Achiever category at the Third Sector Awards.

Visit the website at wellboring.org.